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how to clean a betta fish tank 2021

Betta Fish is a cruel fighting fish that need special care and not suitable for beginners, but if you already have a betta fish such as Siamese fighting fish or labyrinth fish, in this article we will find a lot of information that will help you to know this fish more and care for it in a proper way. As we said before, betta fish tends to fight with other mates so you can not just keep it in a normal tank, there are different sizes of betta tanks online or in stores.

How To Clean A Betta Fish Tank

At the end of this article, we will recommend to you the best betta tanks you can buy online. Pair in mind that The minimum size where the betta fish can live is 3 gallons.


betta fish tank setup:


  • Placing the tank:

Clean the tank then look for a place that has some light like a place near to the window but not a place exposed to direct sunlight. Don’t place it in front of the wall directly but leave enough space for the filter.


  • Install the filter:

Install the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions or you can search for it on youtube. How to install the model of the filter you have.

Don’t turn on the filter before putting water inside the tank.


  • Add gravel:

If you have gravel you should start putting it. If you have live plants you will need two inches of gravel.


  • Put your plants and decoration (if you have one):

Start putting the roots of the plants below the gravel so they are completely buried in the gravel and anchor the decorations in the gravel.

  • Fill the tank with water:

Put the water inside the tank but make sure you don’t displace the gravel, you can use a plate, you can cover the gravel with this plate during this process.

Don’t fill all the tank up, make sure there is an inch or two inches at the top.

  • Turn on the filter and install the heater:

After filling the tank with water, turn on the filter then install the heater according to the instructions and adjust the temperature to be between 78 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Put your betta fish:

Before you put the fish you should introduce it to its new tank. The betta fish will come in a bag of water which is different from the environment inside the tank. Keeping the bag closed, put it in your tank until the water in the bag reaches the same temperature as your tank.

When the temperature becomes the same try to add a small amount of the water inside it’s container for a while then put it inside the tank and let it swim freely.

how to clean a betta fish tank?

The tools you need in order to start cleaning your betta tank are :

  1. Algae scrubber (if you have algae in your tank)
  2. Plastic razor
  3. Gravel vacuum
  4. Toothbrush
  5. Gloves

Now let we move to how to clean the tank?

  • Wash your hands and then put on the gloves.
  • Remove all decorations from the tank: remove any decorations you have in the tank and put them in a container in order to wash them later.
  • Turn off the lights, heater, filter, and if you have a bubbler or anything else inside the tank.
  • Remove between 10% – 30% of the water depending on the size of your betta tank.
  • Start removing algae: if you suffer from algae then start by rubbing it out of the tank using the scrubber and razor.
  • Clean the gravel: start cleaning your gravels from any debris, feces, and old food waste that may be stuck in it using a gravel vacuum.
  • To use a gravel vacuum you just need to place the siphon slightly above the gravel. Don’t forget to use a bucket or container at the other end otherwise you’re going to end up with water all over the floor.
  • Clean the filter: Take some water out of your tank and place it in a bucket or container, then start rinsing it and its cartridges. You can use a sponge to clean the inside of the filter as well.
  • Finally, start cleaning the decorations: you should clean the decorations just when you notice a build-up of algae and grime on them, not every time you clean the tank.

Let us now go online and see what are the best betta fish tanks on Walmart, what is the best decoration and more

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Walmart betta fish tank:


1.   Hawkeye 4.5-Gallon:

This tank comes with LED lighting and an internal power filter. It has a seve dazzling led colors, you can pick the color you like or according to the time of the day. The power filter will remove the unwanted leftover, and other detritus while keeping your aquarium looking crystal clear. With this tank you don’t worry about the water leaks as it Made of seamless, impact-resistant plastic with one-piece construction.

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2. Penn-Plax Betta Tank Kit:

This tank also has an internal led light and an internal filter. The led and the filter share the same power supply. It has high-quality plastic with a curved edge design and sits upon a stylish raised black base. The removable lid allows for easy feeding and cleaning of the tank. Built into the tank is an internal filter that provides a 3-stage filtration system that utilizes biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration which will remove all wastes from the tank.

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more info about

What Temperature Should My Fish Tank Be?


betta fish tank decoration:

1.  QZQ Aquarium Decorations Plastic Plants:

14 pack Fish Tank Plants which are easy to clean no irritant smell, no harm to water for Fish Tank. The plants are very soft so Fish can pass freely .

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2.   Vinyl Etchings Coral Aquarium Decoration Resin Rock Mountain Cave :

This colorful coral decoration will give your tank a great look. It is a hiding place for fish where they can play which helps to relieve stress.

Coral decoration made of high-quality environmental protection, nontoxic and safe.

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3.   Marina Betta Pink Orchid Aquarium Plastic Plant :

It is a natural looking pink plastic plant and its color will not fade. Safe for the environment of the aquarium.

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betta fish tank divider

If you have a big tank and you want more than one betta tank in one tank you can use a divider to split the tank, it is easy to set up and maintain.

While choosing a divider make sure the divider is secure and solid as betta fish are aggressive and if the divider breaks they will fight and kill each other. so, to sum up, the pros of the divider are :

  1. You can have more than 1 betta tank
  2. Easy to set up
  3. The water parameters can be more stable.

The cons:

If this divider is not secure, betta fish like to jump and if they meet each other they will fight to death.

Here are some of the betta fish tanks with dividers you can buy online.


1.  Penn Plax Deluxe Triple Betta Bow Aquarium Tank:

This tank comes with two light systems that allow you to transfer from night to day with a switch. Besides an opaque divider, it also comes with a filtration system.

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2.   Aqueon Betta Bowl Aquarium Kit in Black:

It is a Half gallon betta aquarium that includes a divider for housing up to two bettas per aquarium. It is easy to open with a feeding door. Comes with water care, food samples, plants, and gravel.

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3.   Alfie Pet – Baird Betta Aquarium Kit with 2 Dividers:

This betta tank has two dividers and comes with a small filter that can purify water, three plants, and a drainage hole at the bottom of the tank for water change easily for fighting fish.

The top cover of the tank has 6 LED lights which the colors have white and blue.

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And here are two dividers you can buy :

1.   Shiroumiya Aquarium Fish Tank Divider :

Here is the specification of the product on amazon where also you can find videos of the divider and how to set it up in the tank.

Package Dimensions : 18.27 x 12.24 x 1.5 inches; 11.99 Ounces

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2.   Penn-Plax TDMBX Medium Tank Divider for Aquariums:

This divider is perfect for 10-gallon tanks. The divider won’t restrict circulation, filtration, or heating. Product Dimensions : 5 x 9 x 6 inches; 5.29 Ounces

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betta fish tank mates:

There are some mates that can live well with bettas without fighting and those mates are:

1.    Ember Tetras:

It is a red-orange one-inch fish that makes any aquarium larger than 10 gallons look nice. If you will get it make sure you get more than 4 together so the betta fish won’t do any harm to it. This fish eats the same food as betta and tends to swim around the middle of the tank


2.    Malaysian Trumpet Snails:

These species of snails are great with bettas because most of the time they are active at night and the rest of the day burrowing in the substrate. One or two would be enough as it reproduces quickly when you feed them. These snails will help you to get rid of the algae from the tank walls and eat organic debris without adding too much waste or bioload to the aquarium


3.    Kuhli Loaches:

If you get these species they will feed on the extra food your betta drops. It grows up to 3.5 inches. They will tend to hide during the daylight and at night when the betta is sleep they will come out to play


4.    Harlequin Rasboras:

It is a bright orange fish with a distinctive black triangular patch that really stands out in an aquarium. It grows up to 2 inches. It is friendly and suitable for beginners. When you decide to have it, don’t just buy one or two, at least you should buy six, because their peaceful nature will make a great and friendly community and betta will not cause any harm to them.

Besides some other species like :

  1. Neon Tetra
  2. Black Neon Tetra
  3. Rummy-nose Tetra
  4. Cardinal Tetra
  5. Silver Tip Tetra
  6. Fire Rasbora
  7. Female Guppy
  8. Short-fin Molly


Q & A

Do Betta Fish Need A Filter?

The answer to this question depends on some factors. The tank size, how much time you have to care, and the tank mates. if your tank is small for example 2.5 gallons then having a filter is a bad idea and it will harm your betta more than helping it. But if you have a big tank then using a filter will give you some benefits such as, remove the leftovers, feces, ammonia, and bad bacteria, filters help to oxygenate the water, reduce maintenance and water cycling, and filters are required with tank mates because of increased bio loads.


Do Betta Fish Need A Heater?

For sure you need a heater for your betta and if you don’t have one you should buy one as soon as possible because more fish are sensitive to temperature in their tank.

How often to clean your betta fish tank?

This depends on some factors, like the size of your tank, there is a filter inside your tank, and are their other mates inside the tank. In general, if you have a filter this will require you to clean the tank every 6 to 8 month and if you don’t have one in this case you need to clean it every 4 to 5 weeks

What temperature do betta fish prefer and why?

The ideal temperature is between 78 and 80 F, this is the temperature that will keep your betta in good health. If the temperature goes below 74 F this will cause a serious stress and kill your betta.

Why did betta fish lie at the bottom of the tank?

When you see your betta lay at the bottom of the tank this is an alarm to take an action. Betta will lay at the bottom for these causes:

  1. The betta is getting older
  2. Ammonia poisoning
  3. Much current
  4. Nitrate poisoning
  5. The temperature of the water is too high
  6. The temperature of the water is too low
  7.    Swim Bladder Disease
  8.   Sickness & Disease such as Ich, Bloat and Dropsy
  9. The size of the aquarium no longer fits the betta

If you decided to have a betta fish this means you have enough information about aquariums and how to care about betta fish.

Betta fish is an aggressive fish that needs the owner to understand its nature.

In this article, we explained the best betta tanks and how to set it up .

How to clean the tank and if you want to make it more beautiful we recommended some of the best decorations you can buy online.

Another thing we explained that will help you to have more than one betta fish in the same tank is using a divider, and we recommended some tanks come with this divider or if you have the tank and just need the divider, we recommended two dividers.

Finally, we mentioned some of the best mates that can live with bettas in the same tank such as Kuhli Loaches and Harlequin Rasboras.
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