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How To Clean Aquarium Glass (Outside & Inside) 2023

clean aquarium glass To have a healthy environment for your fish is by clean the class of the aquarium. What can make the glass not clean and harm your fish is important to know. There are some reasons for a dirty aquarium such as Algae and bacteria growth in the water can make the water cloudy. If you clean just the algae from the glass the water will cause more algae in the glass and will not improve the view.


how to clean aquarium glass.

tools you can use to clean the glass of your aquarium.

Before we know how to clean your tank, it’s important to know the tools you can use to clean the glass of your aquarium In order to maintain a healthy aquarium, it is necessary to clean the glass. You can’t just get any old cleaner and hope that the job will get done. To get your tank looking good, you have to have a system of cleaning. A basic rule of thumb is to clean the glass at least twice a month thoroughly.

The tools for cleaning your aquarium glass will vary depending on how big or small your tank is and what kind of fish you have in there. For a basic setup, you want to be sure that you have at least one brush and some sponges with an ammonia-free cleaner; also some paper towels or clothes that can be used for drying off the tank when necessary.

In the world of Aquariums, having clean aquarium glass is a top priority.

There are many tools for Cleaning Your Aquarium Glass available on the market that can be used for this purpose.

Some of the most popular tools for Cleaning Your Aquarium Glass include a razor blade, a toothbrush, and a toothpick.

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These products are useful in removing algae from your aquarium glass and will help to keep your tank looking sparkling clean.

In addition to these popular products, you may also want to invest in an algae scraper which will help remove any stubborn algae from your tank glass.

To sum up, the tools you need are:

  1. Long or short wand-style scrapers
  2. DIY scrapers
  3. Magnet scrapers
  4. sponge cleaners
  5. Microfiber cloths

How to clean aquarium glass?

To clean aquarium glass, you will need to use a glass cleaner and an algae scraper.

Dirt can accumulate on the glass, which will make it difficult to see inside the tank.

Fish may also leave behind smudges and unsightly marks on the clean glass, which are difficult to remove by hand.

This article will provide you with some helpful hints to help you keep your aquarium’s glass clean.

Cleaning the glass in an aquarium is a tedious process that many may not enjoy. In order to maintain the beauty of the aquarium, it needs to be cleaned regularly. There are a number of ways that this can be done. However,

if you have never cleaned an aquarium before then it would be best to follow these steps:

  1. Place a towel on a table and lay it flat so that any water spilled into the table will not damage anything. It is also advisable to have another towel handy in case you need to wipe up any spills from the tank or lid while cleaning.
  2. Place your fish into a quarantine tank before beginning the process of cleaning your own tank because you will not want them anywhere near any chemicals or cleaners while you are working on their home.
  3. Clean the aquarium glass with the glass cleaner. You can use a sponge or cotton ball to do this. Make sure to wipe in straight lines from top to bottom.
  4. Scrap away any algae with the scraper. Try not to touch the algae when you are doing it because it will stick to your hands and spread over even more of your aquarium.
  5. Use the scraper for all surfaces in your tank, including the front, back, and sides of your tank walls, but be careful not to get any water in there.

All these steps above are common, you use the sponge and scrap the algae from the glass but there are some other ways.


magnetic fish tank cleaner

The magnetic fish tank cleaner is a device that can clean the inside of a fish tank with the help of magnets. It does not come in contact with the water and it has no blades, meaning that it is safe for both your fish and yourself.

It works by attaching a water-resistant magnet to one end of the handheld pole and then sliding it down into the tank. The magnets will then attract all sorts of debris and garbage that has been collected in there, like food fragments, leaves, bits of gravel, etc. The debris will clump together when they get close enough to each other and you can easily remove them when you slide the magnet back up to the top for disposal.


Algae Eaters

Algae eaters are fish that live in freshwater aquariums. They are used to keep the water clean and clear by eating algae that grow on the surface of the tank.

The growth of algae is inevitable. Green water and black spots on the tank walls are the most common signs of an algae bloom. The aquarium Algae Eaters help you combat the problem by eating the algae. These little critters are great at cleaning up all of your messy algae problems without harming any of your other inhabitants in your tank.

The different popular species of algae eaters :

  1. Bristlenose plecostomus
  2. Amano shrimp
  3. Siamese algae eaters
  4. Twig catfish
  5. Otocinclus
  6. Rosy barbs
  7. Flag fish
  8. Ramshorn snails
  9. Nerite snails

You can check a great article on our website about algae eaters and how to get rid of algae from your aquarium here

Aquarium plants

Having plants in your aquarium can help you to reduce the growth of algae because they consume the same light and nutrients that algae do. 

Plants also make the aquarium more great and attractive because of the color they give to the aquarium. Besides, it gives the fish the space to hide, so they are beneficial in many ways.

When you choose a plant for your aquarium make sure to pick the one that requires more light especially if you are suffering from algae.


automatic cleaner

You can use an automatic aquarium glass cleaner. Just place the cleaner on the inside of your glass, turn it on, and walk away.

Automatic aquarium glass cleaners are available at aquarium stores and online and cost around 200$. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a replaceable scrubbing pad.


The best aquarium glass cleaner

Aquarium glass cleaners come in various forms. There are products that work like traditional cleaners, and there are products that use plant-derived enzymes and other natural ingredients to remove stains and dirt.

The best aquarium glass cleaner will depend on your needs. If you have a variety of fish tanks in your house, you might want to go with multiple cleaners so that you can use one cleaner for each tank type. In contrast, someone with a single goldfish tank might prefer a cleaner made from natural ingredients, rather than harsh chemicals or detergents which can be too strong for the fish or the tank.


flipper aquarium cleaner

The flipper is a small handheld device that is designed to clean the water in your fish tank.

The device comes with two small propellers that are able to move through the water column, collecting all the dirt and debris. The flipper is then able to use one of its propellers to suck up this collected dirt for disposal.

The Flipper is an automated fish tank cleaner that keeps your aquarium clean in just minutes per week! It works in two modes: in-tank mode and above-tank mode. In-tank mode sucks up water from the bottom of the tank and ejects it at a high velocity to remove any gunk buildup on the inside. Above-tank mode shoots water up into your aquarium to remove debris on top of your tank.


Best Aquarium Magnetic Cleaners


Aquarium magnetic cleaners are a revolutionary invention that keeps your tank clean without the use of chemicals.

These cleaners are easy to use and can be used on any type of aquarium. They come in all shapes and sizes so they can be used in both small and large tanks. While some models can even produce bubbles, these bubbles serve no purpose other than to look aesthetically pleasing.

Aquarium magnetic cleaners provide a safe, chemical-free way for your tank to stay clean and healthy.


Flipper Aquarium Magnet Cleaner: it combines both magnet and scraper


  1. Powerful cleaning and able to flip between the scrubber and scraper sides of the magnet.
  2. Has 2 blades of plastic and metal
  3. It floats and orients itself so it’s easy to retrieve if the magnet separates
  4. covers a lot of areas quickly
  5. Strong magnetic power



  1. You have to be careful while using it as it might cut the silicone corners of the tank.
  2. The blades wear down relatively quickly and will need replacing regularly


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Pet Magasin Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaner



  1. It floats so it’s easy to retrieve if the magnet separates
  2. It has strong magnetic contact so is easy to control from the outside.
  3. Easy to use.



  1. need a few passes to remove it completely.
  2. The magnetic contact is not as strong at the corners of the tank as elsewhere.


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Mag-Float Glass Aquarium Cleaner



  1. The magnet floats so it is easy to retrieve if it pulls apart from the outer magnet.
  2. It is easy to navigate around the tank, even on corners.
  3. Has a rough scrubbing surface which makes it very tough on algae.
  4. Covers a lot of ground quickly.



  1. it doesn’t blend that well in most aquariums
  2. The magnetic contact is strong so make sure you get the right size for your tank, otherwise, you could find the magnet hard to slide around.


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KollerCraft TOM Algae Scraper Multi-Tool



  1. It has 3 interchangeable attachments: a stainless steel scraper, a plastic scrubber for polishing, and a shovel to turn over the algae-covered substrate.
  2. Its hand is strong and super long and made of fiberglass
  3. The attachments are easily interchangeable
  4.  you can clean in hard-to-reach places as the scrubber has a rotating head attachment.



  1. The handle isn’t that flexible so it will be difficult to put pressure on the cleaning attachment.
  2. It’s difficult to clean corners and any tight spots.


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 Kent Marine Pro-Scraper



  1. It has three different blades, plastic, stainless steel, and fabric.
  2. The handle is made of corrosion-resistant fiberglass and is angled nicely for ease of use.
  3. Its blade isn’t sharp so it will not scratch the tank. 



  1. The scrappers aren’t big so it will not help you to clean quickly like other products.


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 In this article, we talk about cleaning the aquarium glass. What can make the glass dirty like algae, and we explained how to get rid of them in different ways.

Also, we explained other ways in order to make the aquarium glass clean.

Finally, we demonstrate some of the most popular magnetic cleaners you can get online.

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