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All kinds of equipment used in aquariums and all information and questions about filters, lighting, and accessories needed by the aquarium

what is the best aquarium heater 2021?

The aquarium heater is an essential accessory for any aquarium as fish in an aquarium can’t maintain their body temperature according to their environment. so it’s important to have an electric heater in your aquarium except if you have a cold-water fish. Almost all modern heaters heat the water automatically as they have a temperature sensor…

Best Fish For 5 Gallon Aquarium Tank 2021(ultimate guide)

5 gallon tank is the best for people with a low budget and not recommended for beginners as it needs special care to keep the tank inhabitants safe. It could be a freshwater or saltwater tank. It’s considered a small tank according to other tank sizes, it is the smallest size before the 2.5-gallon tank. It’s small and compact; hence,…