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the truth about green spot algae ultimate guide 2022

What is the green spot algae ? It’s a green, small and circular spot that is where its name came from. This kind of algae doesn’t grow tall like other kinds. It is almost flat and hard to touch. This algae grows on the substrate, rocks, driftwood, and even the glass of your aquarium. So you can say it grows on objects that don't move.…

the ultimate guide to 10 gallon saltwater tank

10 gallon saltwater tank is a great choice for beginners and for others who want to have a simple aquarium. There are many ideas to set up a 10-gallon tank that can include many species such as Amano shrimp, Red cherry shrimp, Ghost shrimp, Nerite snails, and Ivory snails. the tank may also be planted with live plants like Anubias barteri and Moss…

How to start a saltwater aquarium for beginners? ultimate guide

start the best saltwater aquarium for beginners, Setting up a new aquarium is often a hard task, but it's totally worth it once it gets ready. Many people are tempted by the colorful fish and the perfect looks of corals which are offered in a wide range by saltwater aquariums. This gives us a confusing decision, which kind of aquariums we should…